Like the rest of the world, the face of marketing is also changing, and it’s the digital way of things that is becoming the norm of the days to come. Although people often find the word ‘Automation’ confusing and repelling since the personal connotation attached to marketing campaigns begins getting blurred. But in reality, Automation is a handy tool in one’s kit, which makes the process smooth and helps in saving time and money.

Although marketing automation could be a way to deliver campaigns to an audience, other ways of connecting with the masses, such as commenting on customer reviews or rolling out video-based content, cannot be automated and hence require manual touch. In such situations, an Omni market suite comes in handy, which allows the marketer to look at all the channels of marketing pursued under a single branch.

Hence, this series of micro-blogs will helps us understand the importance of marketing automation and how to implement a basic automation suite using an Omnichannel marketing tool.