Ask for Free Demo Why CampaignToCash ? Built all in One Omni Channel Marketing Automation and Analytics Platform which addresses all the Marketing challenges
Ease of use and unified view of different digital marketing channels
» Unified Digital platform with Single Database and login, Unified UI
» Single and Multi Tenant
» Unified Campaign Management
Increase Lead Conversion
» Explicit and Implicit Scoring
» Campaign wise lead scoring and grading
» Scoring based on Time, weightage and scores
Transparency, Efficiency & Productivity
» Campaign wise effort and resource tracking
» Individual and team time management
ROI and Value for Money
» Affordable application cost, implementation cost, training cost and support services
» So many digital marketing features and faster turnaround
Single view of Integrated Campaign performance and analytics
» Email, Mobile, Social and Event Campaign management
» Integrated Campaign Analytics
Accelerate time to market
» Integrated Call center and service desk with inbound and outbound calls
» Shorter product implementation and training costs
» Easy and faster campaign management within built content management that includes leading page creation and editor
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